NanoWriMo – Day 20

I am officially on day 20 of National Novel Writing Month.

The fact I’m still writing after 19 days is an absolute miracle to me.  I am 2/3rds of the way there and I have to say I am pretty impressed with myself.  That’s my get out clause because if I fail NanoWriMo it will be this week.  It’s not because I don’t know what to write or haven’t a clue in the direction my story find itself because these things are all relatively solid.  It time and commitment.  I am finding that every night (which is when I am tending to write), any excuse not to write.  I go through every possible excuse not to write, then when I’ve finished making up every single one I can think of I then get the power going to the computer and just start writing.  If I just get started I tend to finish but this week I’ve got three days at least when I won’t even need an excuse, I just won’t have the time because I won’t have access to either a computer or wi-fi.  I’m going away, twice.  That means I’ll have approx. 4998 words I’ll need to catch up on next week.

So will I quit?  I don’t know.

Let me tell you about the process I’ve gone through so far in this writing experience.

First of all I started off jubilantly as I headed off the start mark with more than my target words written.  The first week I didn’t write anything on one of the days but still managed to catch up well.  As the dull monotony of the days drew on I realised that this isn’t fun any more.  Its repetitive   Every night to sit down and know after a full day at work, or a day in the garden you’ve got to somehow think of another 1,666 words, I actually get quite worried that this will be the day I won’t be able to do it and after day 11 I was really feeling it.

But somehow, I’m on day 20.  I have so far written 35,816 words (as at yesterday).  My inner critic is still there telling me how awful my spelling and how terrible my grammar is but they have been slightly subdued by the growing likeness to my own story.  I’m not 100% sure about the characters yet but I think the story is okay.

So if you see me here in another ten days time then you know I’ve made it.

Funnily enough, I do want to hit that finish line but how much commitment have I really go on this?  Only one way to find out…

In the mean time – below is a little exert.


Lilly still sat in the corner of the sofa, arms crossed visibly scowling. ‘That’s all well and good but what happens when winter comes around again? What them hmm?’

Simone and Mand looked at each other and Simone just shrugged her shoulders. She felt uncomfortable that Mand should be part of their despondent displays of affection. Mand wasn’t bothered at all though. She was as vivacious as Lilly could be and wanted in on their problems.

‘What do you think you will do then if you think it won’t work out?’

‘She’ll get a job that’s what’ Lilly interjected. ‘I don’t know why she can’t just get a part time job now?’

‘I could Lilly but you said you’d give me another week to get more customers, I’ve done that. My work will cover us enough. I want to be busy Mand, it just takes time’. Simone also wanted to add about why she felt subjected to these ongoing campaigns to just let her get on with it but decided that with the mood Lilly was in it was best to just let her work through it.


So, what do you think?

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