Lego Camera Action


Courtesy of the Lego Group

Grimsby is already into it’s fourth day of the white snow stuff.  It’s minus 5 degrees at the moment and I’m cross.  My walk-in grow house is not doing it’s job.  One of the door zips has broken leaving everything inside exposed to the freezing cold, including the 90 sweet peas sown last month.

So all in all I’m feeling quite frustrated, but enough of my ranting.

I figured, you might be bored reading and seeing snow pictures this week, so I’ve thought I’d try out another one of my ‘cute’ ideas – Lego Photography.

Warning – this is very early photography development for me so I’m not as good as the pros.  And just in case you were wondering what ‘pro Lego Photography looks like, check out Foolish Lego and A Lego a Day to see how some of the serious AFOL’s do it (That stands for Adult Fans of Lego.  Yes, who knew!).  When I searched around on the web for Lego, I had no idea what a huge following there is, or what Lego meant artistically.

I’ve loved lego since I can remember.  It’s one of the very few toys I’ve managed to keep since childhood.  Not so long ago I dragged it all down from the loft and the various other hiding places it got stored in, washed it until it started looking shinny and now I’m discovering it all over again with the pure fun it brings along with it.  All those coloured bricks just waiting to be turned into houses, planes and caravans, to name but a few.

It also makes a wonderful photography project.

Not only do the subjects stay still for hours on end, but the diversity of pieces and Minifigs allow pretty much anything to be created and famous scenes to be reconstructed, over and over again.

Here are some of my attempts at capturing Lego, using the 365 photo a day idea.

In Low Light

In Low Light

In Low Light




A Doorway


A Doorway

I know, they are not very spectacular but I think it’s good starter for ten and if you like those, I’ve done more!  They can be found here.

I’ve got a few more ideas lined up for Lego photography.  So watch this space.

14 responses to “Lego Camera Action

  1. You’re of to a good start. I’m – by far – no pro, but thanks for the compliment :). The 17 photo’s that are up on are my first photo’s of Lego. The 365 is my way of learning and improving, so lets see what it looks like in a year.

    By the way… this site ( ) is in my opinion the real pro 🙂

    I wish you good luck on your project!

  2. Sorry for you sweet peas Sophie.. you will have to do it all again.
    I loved Lego photographies with different scenes.
    thanks for sharing
    have a nice day

    • I’ve rescued the sweet peas and brought them inside. Not sure if it’s too late for them to be rescued but thought I’d give it ago. If not, it’s back to the sowing again. Pleased you liked the lego pics. Have a nice day too 🙂

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