10 Great Gardening Blogs

Blogging is certainly a learning experience.  Since I started blogging in October last year I’ve learnt an awful lot about the craft of writing, editing and truffling around for ideas for various posts.

One of the areas I haven’t yet covered in great detail is growing plants.  It’s one of the areas I hope to develop over the coming months, alongside the actual experience of sowing, growing and cultivating in our own garden.

However whenever I need some help or advice on anything to do with gardening I find myself turning to other blogs.

Here are some of my favourite blogs that I refer to. Below you’ll find top tips and useful information on growing anything from asparagus to bamboo.

  1. Growing, Tasting and Using chillies by Bart J Meijer – is an experience in varieties and uses of chillies.  Bart grows all his own chillies and gives great feedback on the taste of all the chillies he uses in cooking.
  2. The Good Life in Practice by Katy Runacres – shows just how possible it can be to grow your own.  Never afraid of a challenge her blog is a great place to see all aspects of the ‘good life’ reviewed and explored.
  3. Sow Grow Cook Eat by Craig McKnight – very informative blog on aspects of allotments, chillies and baking.  This blog was the inspiration behind my Challenge page, when Craig posed about Growing one Pot in 2012.
  4. Vertical Veg by Mark Ridsdill Smith – shows just how easy, and enjoyable it can be to grow veg with whatever space you have.  Also a useful section on what needs to be sown each month.
  5. Growing up by The Hapless Gardener – nice laid back blog posts on aspects of sowing and cooking, with added descriptive photo’s.
  6. The Garden Smallholder by Karen – beautiful photography along with descriptive posts on aspects of being a smallholder, with chickens to boot.
  7. City Smallholder by David & Didi – showing just how possible it is to be as self-sufficient in an urban environment, along with great recipes and what to grow and eat by month.
  8. The Frugal Life by Piper Terrett – allotment holder and frugal .  Nothing is impossible to live a more sustainable life and Piper shows just how she does it and how we all can too.  Great tips and advice from hens to home brewing.
  9. Mr Digwell Blog by Mr Digwell himself – loads if very useful hints and tips about all aspects og gardening on this blog from ponds to gardening equipment.
  10. The Chllie Foundry by David Floyd/Chris Saunders – not so much of a ‘how to’ but an excellent site to see hot sauces, biscuits  in fact pretty much anything with chillies in reviewed and rated accordingly.

That’s just a very small list of blogs – there are literally thousands out there on the blogosphere about gardening and sowing.

If there is a particular blog you like to read or indeed write yourself let me know and I’ll feature it in a future post 🙂


7 responses to “10 Great Gardening Blogs

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  2. This is a really fantastic list of gardening blogs you’ve listed – thank you for sharing them, i’ll be sure to check out each of them 🙂

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