Happy Birthday Mouse


Mouse, our very adorable JRT, becomes two next Monday on the 1st April.  That’s not her official date as we don’t know what it is.  No one does.  When we adopted her last year we had her recent jab card and worked her birth date to be somewhere in April.  So the 1st seemed as good as any date.

Last Saturday it was also the 1st anniversary of adopting her.  That first yr has just flown by.  I remember the day so well.  After having seen her a couple of days before (and actually wondering what good small dogs were for – yes really!).  The boss and I talked it over very carefully over ice cream (It was a 21 degree heat wave that week).

Having then deciding to make that big choice to adopt her we then proceeded to buy half the dog products available from a well known pet shop (literally).

The following day went to pick her up with a new pink collar and lead in hand.

We decided to name her Mouse.  A new name for a new home.  I’d never seen such a tiny dog before so Mouse was very appropriate (there are quite a few other names that suit her now!).  I saw her looking at me out in the garden and it really was love.  On went her collar and lead, she said good bye to her old home and jumped straight into our car without a hesitation.

I was rather anxious about having another dog after loosing Molly, whom we’d had for 15 yrs and who had left a massive great hole in our lives the yr before.  Would Mouse fit in?  Would she like her new home?  Would she whine and miss her old one?

Turns out I need not have worried.  She brought with her a massive personality, loads of love and managed to plug that hole (in her own special way), in no time at all.

Mouse hates mornings, can get through a 2ft chew in less than two weeks, doesn’t like fireworks, loves blueberries, and will not walk in the rain.  She is the most tenacious little creature I’ve ever met and fears no-one (until they actually approach her).  She goes from complete still to a 100 miles an hr in less than a second and she keeps me very fit!  Mouse is wonderful and extremely loving.

Happy Birthday Mouse, thanks for a wonderful, fun packed year.  Here’s to many, many more.

PS – I’ve since eaten my words regarding little doggies.  There is nothing, and no-where a JRT won’t do/go.  Small is only the size of the physical, it in no way represents the character!



Photography Experiment

I decided to see if I could get some portrait photo’s done of Mouse.  It’s the first time I’ve experimented in this field, both with camera and Mouse.

Taken over a couple of days, as the pup would get bored quick, I managed to get a few good snaps. I was hoping to turn them into sepia which hasn’t quite turned out as well as planned!  I think the sepia should have been applied on the camera rather than the photo’s.

However it was a great session and Mouse enjoyed it too.  To see more photo’s – they can be found here.


7 responses to “Happy Birthday Mouse

  1. Happy Birthday Mouse! Great pictures Sophie – I know how hard it is to have a JRT sit still long enough for portraits :). And thanks for following Sawyer’s adventures – looking forward to see more of Mouse’s adventures as well. ~Uschi

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