Loosing a Stone in Weight

cat and dog in bed

Courtesy of Shirley Saunders

It’s done.

The first overweight stone (14Ibs) has been hacked away and is now no-where to be found on my body (It was a actually 1 stone and 6 Ibs but I like to keep things rounded).

One down.  One to go.

Do I feel better?  Hell yes!

Was it easy.  No, but…

I’ve learnt that you only actually start to loose weight when you’re good and ready to.  No point being called fat.  No point being told you’ll die of heart disease.  No point even in being told you could start to wear clothes you can’t fit into.

Only two things have made this stone disappear;

1. Patience

2. Perseverance

I’m not sharing this story with you because I want others to loose weight that (to some extent) doesn’t work either.  I’m just writing this for my own benefit because if I ever do put the weight back on then this record shows me how stupid   unforgivable that would be.

You only loose weight when you want to loose weight (or get sick).  That’s regardless of of whether you want to loose two stone or ten, the principles are always the same.

Of course, every woman (almost every woman) wants to loose weight.

It’s a thing right?  You’re a woman therefore you can’t possible be overweight otherwise you’ll be ugly, won’t be accepted, and no man/woman will ever look at you twice.

Of course all that is utter bulls*it.

Every woman thinks they should be loosing weight, myself included.  I’ve thought that for the past x amount of yrs.  Only thinking that I have to and actually wanting to are about as far removed as dogs and cats.  They are both classed as pets but they are hardly alike.

Of course what works for me won’t work for anyone else.  Loosing weight is about as individual as it gets.  Hence why there are so many diets, weight lose programmes and exercise machines advertised by famous athletes, right?


How you engage in loosing weight is individual but how you actually loose weight can only really be done through two processes;

  • More exercise
  • Better food

What’s really tough is actually sticking to those two rules.  They are rules.  You can’t get away from that fact and sometimes people, like me, don’t like rules.  So we avoid them.  Only this time I didn’t.

I stuck to a very simple diet and I stuck to two forms of exercise – jogging and a circuit of sit ups, push ups and squats.

BOOM – weight decreased.

Did I enjoy it?  Are you supposed to enjoy doing something your mind and body is constantly rebelling against?

How I broke habits

Habits of over eating, and eating the wrong foods had to be broken.  Habits of sitting in front of the TV after having just sat in front of a computer for eight hours also had to be broken.

Habits are not easily to battle against and creating new ones take some time to implement (anything between 28 to 66 days apparently).

For me though, learning these things I craved were habits and knowing that patience and perseverance are probably the two best keys to weight loss.

This also takes some faith,  especially when there are lots of shiny new diets in every magazine, ‘special foods’ being advertised on TV that can be delivered to your door, or lots of pumping classes at the gym to dance to.  You actually feel like you’re missing out somewhere.

Well for me, I ignored it all and just stuck to the rules.  I hunkered down, said no to a lot of food and a lot of people.  Jogged in the snow, read and re-read about habits, ate Paleo, and slowly and surely not only is the weight disappearing but I now have new habits.  Like exercising every day for at least 30mins.  Might not be 30 mins in one go and might consist of walking the dog and push ups, but it will be exercise and it will be done every day because I want to exercise.

This is what worked for me.

Finding support

There are three people who’s blogs, in particular,  not only inspired me to make that first change to my weight but kept me motivated along the way (and still do).

Zen Habits – in particular this post about starting habits

Blog of Impossible Things – my favourite post was How to Stop Being Lazy

Nerd Fitness – who showed me the way of the Paleo Diet

It has also been an mental struggle.  It’s no good just to blindly follow everyone else (including the guys above) and think you’ll easily do that 10k run.  Hell, I’ve struggled enough with the 5k.

I’ve had some really supportive comments on previous posts telling me it’s okay to take a step back, try different ways of jogging, etc.  At some points I didn’t actually think I was moving forward, that because I wasn’t achieving my fitness as quickly as the goals I’d set, that I was automatically failing but it was me that had set myself up to fail.  I just had to be big enough to say I was wrong and do it another way, or take longer to do it.  So here I am;

One stone (14Ibs) lighter.  One stone to go.

All I ask from you – hold me accountable!  I aim to loose the second stone by end of August.


9 responses to “Loosing a Stone in Weight

  1. Well done Sophie. It’s so difficult to lose weight and it sounds like you did it in the perfect way. I don’t know if you ever watch the Biggest Loser, but one thing they do is half way along the series, they get the contestants to put the weight they’ve lost in a rucksack and get them to carry it on their back – a great way to realise how much weight has now gone! Good luck with losing your last stone 🙂

    • I have seen that programme and I might have to try that. Because the weight has been gradual in it’s disappearance I probably would be very surprised to see the weight now. Hmm, now where did I put those bags of sugar…!

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