I’m at the Writing Camp


1st April usually marks the start of an online writing challenge called Script Frenzy.  30 days to write 100 page script (of any type, be it film, TV or radio)

As you can see from the link Script Frenzy is now no-more and has been replaced by something called Camp NanoWriMo which forms part of the Novel writing challenge I participated in last November.  Yes it’s all very confusing but it basically means that you can go to the Camp and spend the entire month writing anything you want with fellow campers there to help you when you need it.


I’m not really sold on that idea (as yet).  For one thing I’m really rather one of the bottom retentive types when it comes to anything that involves writing. If I’m writing a novel I want to be surrounded by other novelists and if I’m writing a script I want to be surrounded by fellow screen and script writers.   Writing a novel and writing a screen play are very far removed from each other.  Each a completely different art form in it’s entirety and should really be given the space they so readily deserve, as do poets, and other creative writing peeps.

So, I’m going it alone.

That looks pretty scary when I just wrote that and it is.

Day 8 of April, and under the old Script Frenzy rules I should be about 8,000 words into my screen play.

I’m not.

I’m at 6,332 words.  I’m behind.

So why am I doing this, with no support, and 101 other things to do?

I enjoy it.  Sure I moan like hell and log onto Facebook far too many times than I would normally just to get away from the writing but the end, unwritten, is always wanting to draw me back in.

I’ve not actually planed the script quite as much as I should have and in laymen terms I’m ‘Pantsing‘ my script.  I’m just rolling with it and getting the words down as they need to be written.  I love the term Pantsing.  Writing without actually any planning – straight from the head (or the heart), onto the page – BOOM!

The important thing for me is getting it done.  Not to time (currently) but it’s much easier than it could have been (thanks to my genius choice of novel to script in the first place).

It’s making me write – although not every day (currently) but more importantly its making me think about writing when I’m not writing, which is always a bonus!

Watch this space because if when I get it done.  I’ll really, really want someone to read it for me.


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