Self Sufficiency Update – May

Although I’m writing this post with the rain coming down, I’m not going to complain because it’s welcomed after quite a long dry spell in the Grimsby area.  All the veggies, fruit and flowering plants are also enjoying this rain too.  Yes, I can now say I have a garden that’s growing all three!

Longer daylight hours are now allowing much more time to be spent in the garden, either working or enjoying it.  It’s certainly taking shape and I’m enjoying planting and experimenting with planting features and getting the veggies in.  Just like real self sufficiency.

I’ve included a few photo’s in this post but for more on how the plants are growing month on month, please visit my photo album, over here.

May’s Update

Raised Beds


The potatoes, beetroot (first set), and mange tout peas are all in.  I had a slight crisis a couple of weeks ago realising I really needed to get the mange tout planted and hadn’t given any thought to what support system I needed to create for them.  A few canes, and lots of twine later they are really doing well.  Unfortunately I’ve spent more than a few mornings going out and checking on them when the gusty winds got up.  More twine was needed!

A trip to a local garden center told me the strawberries weren’t ready to buy yet so the last bed in the back garden is prepared for when they can be bought.

The other bed that had the onions growing also now has garlic planted, only this time the set are actually growing, unlike the last lot!

Grow House


This is currently holding the second sowings of perennial flowers, runner beans, carrots, savoy cabbage, and herbs.  The dahlia seed sown back in early April have not materialised, nor have any of the ornamental grasses.  I am presuming the grass seed was too old and may have lost it’s viability but the dahlia seeds were pretty recent so not sure what I did wrong there.  I’ve also got my Christmas trees growing in a little pot too in there.  I have one tomato plant in the house and another two ready to be planted up.



This is looking much brighter this month.  Both the blueberry plants and black current plants are flowering well.  The anemones bulbs I planted last yr have really impressed me.  I had no idea they were so pretty and will get some more to plant for next yr.  They really brighten the patio up while the climbers, clematis and the solanum make an impact.



Yes!  At last both the plum and apple tree have started showing new growth.  I am really pleased as I was beginning to worry the buds might be dead.



Hmm, well it looks slightly greener thanks to the feed I’m giving it but it’s not eliminating the patchiness of the grass so I have started to take a bit of the lawn at a time and start re-seeding.  Having a JRT is not helping  but I’m not giving up on this challenge.

Other areas


All but one of the raspberry canes are showing lots of new growth so not too worried in this area.  I cleared the old (and rather dead) ceanothus, that I had moved from it’s old position on another fence but it clearly didn’t like the move.  It was pretty big so it’s a shame but I wasn’t overly surprised.  I’ve now planted an orange berry pyracantha in it’s place which is another wildlife friendly shrub that will give extra texture to the back fence and give some colour in winter.

Front Garden


All the hazel filbert saplings are doing great, as is the cherry sampling.  I’m halfway through re-designing the area around the cherry as it’s a huge unfilled area of nothingness really at the moment which will fast turn to weeds at this time of yr.

So loads going on in May for both gardens and if you ever wonder where I’ve gone, you’ll find me out there 🙂


9 responses to “Self Sufficiency Update – May

    • Thanks for stopping by the blog. Yes I’m trying hard to encourage as many people as possible to share the concept of growing your own and enjoying the space they have to do it in. Like you say – there is nothing like it 🙂

  1. It’s a busy time in the garden, but sounds like you’re on top of things and will have lots to harvest before long.

    • Oh yes there certainly is, especially when working full time as well. Unfortunately the rain has put the breaks on getting out in the garden the last few days. Enough rain now!

    • Hello right back. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to look at my blog and becoming a follower. I’d be very interested to hear about your photography tips.

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