The Summer Flower Gallery – Day4

It’s the forth day of the summer flower gallery.

I thought I’d showcase some of the flowers shinning their little heads off in our garden right now by posting a photo a day for the next ten days.

10 days – 10 different flowers

There is nothing exotic or unusual flowering in our space, and certainly nothing complicated to grow, but I think as the flowers work so hard to make our garden look pretty the least I can do is to take their pictures.

All photo’s have been taken in our garden over the past two weeks

Click on the picture to make it bigger or visit my photography page, which can be found here.

As an exception I thought I’d show off a rather stunning indoor plant that has been flowering in our house for nearly three months non-stop now.

Hope you like it.

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Day 4

2013-05-05 16.30.21

Moth Orchid – Phalaenopsis


7 responses to “The Summer Flower Gallery – Day4

    • No, sorry that was slightly mis-leading. The orchids are well and truly housebound. Not in a hothouse though. Just in a south facing room. These particular orchids are supposed to be the easiest to grow. So far these have flowered twice in one yr.

  1. Lovely. My moth orchid just bloomed too, it’s third year. I have another that didn’t re-bloom and has lost a leaf. Do you have a secret for getting them to thrive?

    • Thanks Sandy. Oh I wish I did. I’m really not confidant about the pruning element of orchids at all. Watering less rather than often is the best policy and I only feed ours once every 4-6 weeks.

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