The Summer Flower Gallery – Day9

The second to last day of my summer flower gallery.

I thought I’d showcase some of the flowers shinning their little heads off in our garden right now by posting a photo a day for the next ten days.

10 days – 10 different flowers

There is nothing exotic or unusual flowering in our space, and certainly nothing complicated to grow, but I think as the flowers work so hard to make our garden look pretty the least I can do is to take their pictures.

All photo’s have been taken in our garden over the past two weeks

Click on the picture to make it bigger or visit my photography page, which can be found here.

Such a simple poppy to grow but it’s flower is so very delicate it looks like crumpled paper.

Hope you like it.

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Day 9


Poppy – Papaver rupifragum Double Tangerine Gem


7 responses to “The Summer Flower Gallery – Day9

  1. What a pretty poppy – love them but hadn’t seen one like this before. I love all the flowers that esp bloom in June, just for my birthday >wink< which is today. TY

    • Hope you had a nice Birthday? I am sure the weather was at least better where you are. Pleased you liked the photograph today – I do believe it’s from the same Welsh poppy family, all which are smaller and more delicate in appearance than the larger ornamental varieties. Someone tell me if that’s wrong tho.

  2. Love poppies. We had the old-fashioned orange ones when I was growing up. Everyone must have had pass-along plants because all the yards had iris, peonies, poppies, lilacs, & rhubarb (‘pie plant’ to the grannies).

    • They are beautiful, and very easy to grow. The more seeds you can sow the more flowers, and do very well in either containers or in the ground 🙂

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