Can You Do Me a Favour with Some Free Seeds?


I’ve recently been very fortunately in having been handed not just one carrier bag but two carrier bags full of summer veggie seed packets, quite out of the blue.

Now as much as I’d love to be able to sow all the seeds given to me it’s just not that possible and I figured why not combine free seeds with my original quest to get 25 people to grow their own veggies this year.

I don’t want the seeds to go to waste so that’s where you (my excellent readers) can come in.

Can you do me a favour and take the packets of seeds off me?

I’m going to give these seeds away, free…to anyone that wants them.  I’ll post them out to you (UK address only I’m afraid).

To do that I just need you to do a couple of things for me:

First of all spread the word, if you know someone that’s not on-line but wants some free seeds to plant, let them know.

If you’re on Facebook please share this post and if you’re on Twitter share this on there too.  I’d really like to get as many packets of seeds to people as possible.

(If you’re already signed up and want a packet then just find me one another subscriber and the packet(s) is yours, well nothing is easy peasy…)

Secondly – subscribe to my blog, via the email option : – Here: (Subscription via WordPress is great but doesn’t count on this occasion).


Finally, now you’ve done your bit just hit the email contact button the front page of this blog and let me know where you’d like me to send the seeds to.

If you live in Grimsby I’ll even drop them off to you.

For everyone that signs up to this I’ll send you a free packet of seeds, or two or three depending on what you want 🙂

Pretty simple but you’re probably wondering what the free seeds are:

They are:

  • Spring Onions – White Lisbon
  • Lettuce – Rocket and Little Gem
  • Carrot – Amsterdam
  • Radish – French breakfast
  • A few other herb packets too

All can be planted right now, can be planted in containers, on a balcony, on an allotment or just on the patio in your garden.  They are very easy to grow and will supply you with some yummy summer salad food, right through to the end of September if the weather behaves.

Want to try growing something?  This is your chance.

Is this a cheeky way to get more blog followers?  Absolutely!

I do it though with 100% confidence (well, I would say that I suppose), that this blog is worthy of being signed up to for three reasons:

  1. It’s informative.  You want to know how to grow veggies or fruit, then you’ll find it here (if you don’t then just ask – I’ll investigate and get it written)
  2. It get’s you thinking and then hopefully getting you off your butt to go and grow some plants in your garden (if not why not?)
  3. It’s not like any other gardening blog because I like this space to be challenging and creative all at the same time.  If I can push the boundaries of what can be grown in small spaces I’d love it if you (fellow readers) come along for the ride with me.

This may work, then again it may not.  I may be left with a heap loads of seed packets gathering dust although I’m hoping not.

It’s down you you guys really, so I’m going to thank you in advance for helping me out here. 🙂


10 responses to “Can You Do Me a Favour with Some Free Seeds?

  1. Too bad I’m in the wrong country too — but what a lovely idea. (I do have some baby green peppers growing by the mailbox now; for the first time I have a spot to do that now that the old pear tree is gone)

    • Thank you, but sounds like you’re growing some of your own veggies there which is great to hear. I like the sound that they are growing by your mail box – does that mean they are to the front of your property? I’m just curious because I’m in the process of turning my front garden into more self-sufficiency areas. I like the idea that space, any space is used for cultivation of crops 🙂

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