A Walk with Mouse

Usually on a Sunday, about once a month, I get the chance to go out for a nice long walk with my bestest furry buddy – Mouse.
We try and pick a new walk every time and yesterday was no exception.

We decided to tackle the circular Laceby – Bradley woods walk designed by the Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside service as part of the Interconnect Bus walking series.

The series of 6 walks are designed to get people using a particular bus and it’s route to access the countryside thus reducing traffic on the country roads.

It’s the longest walk I’ve done with Mouse yet and with the weather so fine I was sure to pack us water, my camera and we headed out the door really, really early.

The 7.5 mile walk was designed to take about 3-4 hours but I presume they calculate that without having a JRT by their side. The first mile with Mouse tends to take the same time it takes to cover the next two because she spends a good part of that first mile marking her territory in case we get lost, hoovering the pavements for any food because she’s worried we might not get back before dinner time, and needs to find the most suitable place to poo which is either on grass or leaves and nothing else will do.

Once we finally get to the open countryside though we were romping!

I’ve captured the walk (in photo form) from start to finish so you can see what a beautiful walk it is.

I speak for us both, but I think we really enjoyed ourselves 🙂


8 responses to “A Walk with Mouse

    • Pleased to hear you like the pictures. I quite like showing off the local countryside. I think I’m pretty lucky where I live to have all that on the doorstep. Mouse is very sweet, she could probably have walked another 7.5 miles!

  1. Looks like you enjoy the same sort of field views that I do! Well done, Mouse – quite a long walk for a dog with such short legs. My two elderly lurchers wouldn’t like it – and even when younger preferred a quick sprint to long walk.

    • Those big blue open skies, you just can’t beat it. It’s what I love most about the Lincs area. Trying to wear out a JRT is quite a challenge! Having said that though Mouse sounds the same as your lovely lurchers – she can run like the wind (after a ball) for about ten minutes and then that’s her done! Sunday walks are her exceptions…she loves to sniff and track things as we go along.

  2. What a great idea to get people onto buses – do you meet many other dog walkers on them? Lovely walk – mouse does indeed look to have been enjoying herself enourmously 😉

    • Oh Mouse certainly did enjoy it. We both jumped when a family of partridges jumped out of the long grass! Yes the bus service is great, I have seen a few people over the yrs use the bus with their dogs but of course trying to get people out of their cars is always difficult!

    • I just came across those, not sure if they aren’t a bit late this yr but couldn’t pass up the opportunity of photographing them. It was beautiful weather although in typical British style the following day turned out to be grey and wet!

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