Peace to All

Just the other day I was rather pleased to be awarded a WordPress award from the blog-sphere.  I’m still not quite sure what the WordPress awards are but I’m very pleased to have received one, which the Forget-Me-Not Cultivation blog humbly accepts.

Here it is:


Promoting Peace Throughout the Blogsphere

Bridgid Jackson from Ariston Organic nominated me so thank you very much for that.

I like Bridgid’s blog because she shows just how easy gardening can be for everyone!  She’s more than willing to share her gardening experiences with others and her blog is just packed to the rafters full of great gardening ideas.

(I think, so please correct me if I’m wrong ) The award originally came from a lovely blog called Grow Your Innerself which I think shows we’ve all got it in ourselves to spread love and happiness.

Sometimes it’s not easy being nice, and sometimes you really don’t want to but just being aware of the influence you have other other people is a huge power that shouldn’t be used lightly.  Instead if I can make one person smile every day – then it’s a very good day to be alive 🙂

I’m very fortunate that my blogging experiences have thus far been very positive and I love receiving the friendly and very often extremely helpful comments from all my readers, on-line and offline too 🙂

No blog award can be accepted for long before handing it on to others –

Here are my nominations, which is hard because I’d really like to nominate all the blogs I follow, everyone gives me inspiration on a daily basis:

Linda’s Garden

Villa Savary

Hoarder Comes Clean

The Land Rovers Wife

The Garden Deli

Iggy’s Chillies

Stumbling Upwards

The idea is that you award seven people and they in turn award it onto seven other people, so on and so forth….spreading peace everywhere…


Have a great weekend. 🙂


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