Coffee Morning

The Move to America

Monday morning must mean it’s coffee morning with The Move to America, a blog I’ve been following with much interest for a few months.

I always think it’s so exciting to see how other people’s dreams evolve and develop and Molly is doing just that.

Molly is the blogger over at The Move to America.  She is piling her way though all the paperwork, the phone calls, the difficult decisions and the packing to be with her husband over in Ohio USA.

She has also come up with this rather ingenious idea of having on-line coffee mornings.

At first the sceptical may say why the hell for?  I say because the world is a big place and you can’t be everywhere all the time – unless you have the internet!  Seriously though, it’s a great way of communicating and a fun way of meeting new people.

Anyone with a blog is welcome to pop along and join in for a chat and a sip of coffee (virtual style of course which is a coffee slightly on the sweet side of taste).

It’s a great place for sharing thoughts for things we hope to achieve in the current week.  Mine being (of course) garden related I hope to finally win the battle of the caterpillars on my cabbages, complete another long jog on Saturday and get that all important pile of ironing shifted (to somewhere else…no?  Damn).

I’m also hoping to finally get the space ready for the 6th and final raised bed in the garden which will allow even more veggies to be sown, grown and more importantly – eaten with relish.

Have a good week everyone 🙂


4 responses to “Coffee Morning

  1. Hello Sophie, I have been watching your blog’s friend and the video of her dog.. I like the idea of this virtual coffee morning.
    Good luck for your gardening.
    Have a very good week too Sophie!

  2. I like the idea of a coffee morning too … not that I drink coffee, but virtual coffee is no doubt quite safe! good luck with the caterpillars … you have to keep at them … they just keep on appearing don’t they?

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