A Walk in the Park

I thought I’d knock a few things off my list this weekend.

One was to get some outdoor photography done, another was from my Life Ticket,  to tick off visiting yet another habitat close to home and finally weekend means walkies with Mouse.

This week we decided to venture to one of my favourite parks in Grimsby – People’s Park.

People’s Park

A recently restored Victorian Park set in the centre of Grimsby, it occupies 10 hectares of land.

The park is made up of many paths, avenues of trees, a large grass area, bandstand, and a large lake, central to it’s setting.

When you’re in the park it’s nice to be able to hear coots, ducks, water fountains, rustling tree leaves as well as the intermittent hoots of kids playing and the dogs barking.

The park was opened in 1883 which makes it 130yrs old.  Its nice to think, as you walk around that the layouts and the varieties of trees and shrubs would have been the same back in the 19th Century as the design has stayed the same all these years.

I like to imagine those gentlemen with tops hats and ladies in their best dresses ambling along the paths on a Sunday afternoon as Mouse and I wonder about enjoying the last of the summer sunshine, away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre.


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