Let’s Do the Hop – The Blog Hop

I recently got blog tagged by Sandy from the US to take part in a blog assignment which involves being asked nine questions and answering as many of them as I would like.

The theme is creative writing.

Sandy’s post was really lovely.  It was a very heartfelt response about her life with her partner and what she is currently working on.  Be sure to check it out, it’s a great piece.

I love answering questions so was more then pleased to take up this particular blog challenge.

So without further ado, here are the answers to my blog hop:

  1. What are you working on right now?  Many things unfortunately.  I say that,  the word unfortunately, because I am dreadful for starting new stories but never actually finishing them.  However since I completed NanoWriMo last November I have set down my gauntlet to get this novel edited to a standard it can be read (critiqued even) and I can then move it onto self publishing.  It’s a story about love and stale relationships.  How people come into your life and the influence they bring along with them.  It is an LGBT novel, or other’s may call it sapphic love, just dear god don’t call it the l word!
  2. What experiences have influenced you?  I’m a great believer in true love, I really enjoy a great love story and more than any other genre, I enjoy it when a story has a good ending.  Just watching and observing people has been a great experience – humans are wonderful creatures when they are not trying to kill each other.  I’m also influenced by nature so if I can add anything related to gardening, wildlife or the countryside to my writing – I invariably do because these are so important in my life and feel most at home in these areas.
  3. Why do you write what you do?  I’ve tried to write straight based fiction but it’s just too hard and not at all convincing.  So many years I went down this path because I convinced myself no-one would want to read LGBT novels (let alone mine) but then the basis behind novels all changed once eReaders came along..  Suddenly there were so many types of genres I realised I was not alone at wanting to both write and read LGBT fiction.  Writing has to come from the heart, and it has to come from genuine experiences so that is why I write the stories I do.
  4. What is the hardest part about writing?  Writing…sitting down and getting your thought on a page can be extremely difficult.  Sometimes it’s a battle between your fingers typing quick enough and your brain thinking at 100 miles per hour.  Other times it’s like staring at a blank wall for hours upon hours.
  5. What would you like to try as a writer that you haven’t yet?  I would really like to get a piece of non-fiction writing published in a magazine, like a research paper or an essay on green living etc.
  6. Who are the authors you most admire?  Too many to mention but just a few would be Sarah Waters, Stephen King, Iain Banks,Charlotte Bronte, and LM Montgomery – all very different but they have written the books I’ve read over and over again.
  7. What scares you?  Not ever getting any of my writing to the published stage.  Second only to not being able to write.

Hopping on Over:

So that’s me done – I’m now going to hop this challenge over to the next three very worthy bloggers:

Making my Mark – TB Markinson – a published writer who is at the same time aiming to visit 192 countries, read 1001 books and watch the top 100 movies.  I really like reading about her adventures and getting those challenges completed.  Always reminds me that what ever else – life is an adventure.

Words Like Silk –  Juni Desireé – someone who is as obsessed about books as me and understand just how important writing is for the soul.  I love reading about her trials into simple living and her descriptions of her home town in Australia.

Dera Luce Academy – I love blogs that are alternative in structure and this certainly is – it focuses on all sorts of different writing, both literally and non-fiction based.  It’s about learning, every day long after you’ve left school and shares in the lessons learnt in anything from maths to PE.


9 responses to “Let’s Do the Hop – The Blog Hop

  1. Sarah Waters yes, but especially nice to see LM Montgomery and Charlotte Bronte mentioned. Have read both so much – CB especially – Jane Eyre and Villette are books I go back to over and over.

    • I just love Brontë’s style of writing. Her characters really make you want to get behind them and support them. She seems to have very strong female characters in her books which is another reason her books are so good.

  2. Oh the daily battle of sitting at the computer, getting the words to flow, and then getting your fingers and brain to connect and work together. I know it well. I wish you luck with your novel! Thanks so much for tagging me. I have it on my to do list.

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