A Study in Black & White Photography

The weather’s been a bit grey to say the least this weekend.  The constant downpour of rain has kept me well and truly away from the garden and mostly indoors these last few days.

However, it’s not all bad.  This nasty turn in the weather has given me thought to the varying shades of grey between white and black that are all around us and has given me the opportunity to look at my photographs in black and white form.

Which one works best in b&w do you think?  I am tending to favour towards the landscape pieces because they represent the shapes and outlines so well against the sky.

And if anyone can advise me whether you’re supposed to shoot in b&w or shoot in colour and edit to b&w I’d be grateful.  I can’t so far seem to find a solid answer.  My theory is that with an old camera you had to buy black and white film so that’s what you’d shoot in rather than edit afterwards but of course digital photography might change all the rules – I’m just not sure.

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9 responses to “A Study in Black & White Photography

  1. I like the more graphic ones in B&W, like the landscapes with power lines and the poppies. I remember shooting with B&W film and developing it, loved seeing the image come up in the developing tray.
    I think it loses something in digital though, just doesn’t have the power it had with the actual silver of good photo paper. I think digital lends itself to color. (imho of course!)

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