Chilli-tastic – November Update

Ahhh!  You weren’t expecting this were you?

Neither was I!

I left my little home-made chilli house to it’s own devices because I wanted to see if I could get the last few chillies ripened but it got even better than that…

2013-10-20 14.11.54

November Update

These chilli plants don’t half make me smile.  I mean there  I was thinking the season was well and truly over and yet here we are in November and the plants are still bright with pods.

Now I haven’t done anything to the plants in this grow house, unlike the ones I pruned back for the winter in my other grow house, these have just been left to their own devices.  All I’ve done with them is to give them a little water (not too much), and trimmed the outer shoots to ensure the plant puts all of it’s energy into the last pods.


Learning the lessons

Clearly leaving the plants as long as possible (depending on weather) is the best course of action.  The nights are very cold now but during the day the temperature is enough to help those last pods get along nicely.  So while my growing season starts later than everyone else’s it’s looks like it also goes on later than most.  The ornamental varieties, and the 7-pots are much hardier than I imagined so will look at growing these again next year.

Once again I’d like to say a big thank you to Chris Saunders for kindly donating the 7-Pot seeds to me this year.


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