Nature Report – W/e 17th Nov 2013

Dull November brings the blast, Then the leaves are whirling fast. – Sara Coleridge


While Monday was full of rain, the rest of the week has been blue skies.  A few cold days and a few mild too which has been good.


Not many at all this week.  Just the odd playing field and a wood.  Very dull but I knew this would happen.  It’s certainly not down to the weather!


I’ve noticed that the smaller birds like the tits and sparrows like to get to the feeders first thing after it gets light.  They do this not because they are early birds but more , I think, because they are trying to get in a feeding session before the larger doves and pigeon swoop down and disturb them.

The wood pigeon is so large it shakes everything in the garden and it must be pretty scary watching that bombing towards you if you were only 5 inches tall.

Once the doves arrive there isn’t much space for thing else.  I’ve currently got two pair that make a daily appearance.  To help ‘ease’ the situation I’ve moved the bird table away from the feeders, and further into the centre of the garden in the hopes it gives the smaller birds less chance of being scared off.


Nothing this week although I could swear I heard the foxes barking this week in the late hours of the night.


Caught a few glimpses of snow berries (Symphoricarpos Albas) which I was pleased about walking here and there because they are so pretty.  Also lots of rose hips (Rosa Moyesii).  There are lots of reds and yellows to be seen in the woods at the minute and even my little acer at home looks literally burning its so colourful.


Took a couple of photo’s of the tree barks as they are also coming into their own now.  One was the beech and the other an conifer.  The difference in texture between one and the other is remarkable.  The beech bark being so smooth, it looks almost like (dirty) skin.  Whereas the conifer has very deep ridges that stand out proudly as if it’s sole purpose is to take whatever the weather will throw at it.


Spotted a huge mushroom/toadstool but again I don’t know what it is.


I think I came across a white or brown lipped snail this week (see below), but can’t tell which.  I had no idea there were even two types in the Helicidae snail category so if I spot it again I’ll take a closer look!




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