Nature Report – W/e 15th Dec 2013

Holy hath berys as red as any rose


So, so mild it’s quite disconcerting at the moment.  I mean, it’s not tee-shirt weather but it’s no where near freezing either at the moment.  Most rain, locally, appears to happen during the night which sometimes brings mist and fog the following morning but aside from the varied clouds it’s very often clear with sunny intervals.  Some of the sunsets have been stunning these last two weeks.

The short daylight days will fortunately be turning a corner next week and for that I’m grateful for as it’s hampering my ability to go out for so long, but I am pleased for the weather staying so nice for so long.


There was no update last week due to not tending to venture far, and same again this week but I have visited the Lake District this week and my local woods too which has been nice.

I love the English Lakes.  It’s a beautiful National Park and my absolute favourite place to spend time.  The scenery is spectacular, the people friendly and the food is delicious – pub or restaurant.  It was only a short trip this December but enough to get a bit of shooting with the camera done, and a tromp around the lakes.  Even the top of the fells hadn’t got snow on them and usually by this time of year it’s quite noticeable.  The rain didn’t disappoint which cut short a walk on one of the days.  That’s okay though – I’ll be back next year!

With the mild weather both underfoot and overhead are showing spurts of growth in all sorts of guises.  I’ve seen bulbs start to push through the soil, and buds on tree – I’ve even seen blossom on a flowering cherry tree this week.


Great tits galore!  They seem to love all the food put out.  I still only occasionally see the blackbird who stopped a couple of times in the garden to drink up.

Trees and flowers

I’ve been looking out for both red holly berries and white mistletoe but alas I haven’t seen any yet.  I didn’t realise holly needed both male and female plants near to each other to formulate the beautiful red berries.  I have seen plenty of glossy green ivy plants but no berries.

Ivy is really standing out at this time of year as it trails it’s way across paths and up trees.  I’ve never noticed how pretty and delicate the leaves are and such a pleasure to spot.



3 responses to “Nature Report – W/e 15th Dec 2013

    • Well yes, I know what you mean about the Ivy, I was forever pulling it off things and getting rid, because I classed it as a weed in my eyes but it’s such a great refuge and feed for wildlife I have decided to start leaving it in places now. I’m going to let it grow over fences and just keep it in check here and there as it goes. Sounds like you’ve got as lot to maintain though? It does grow fast!

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