30-ish Days of Writing – Poem

No, I haven’t skipped over the previous three days of the creative writing challenge, which is not actually coming to 30 days but more like 30 months at the moment.

I’ve purposely chosen day 4 this week because I want to get it out of the way.

Me and poetry have a love hate relationship.  Well, no, actually it’s just hate on my part.  I neither seem to be able to appreciate it when it’s written by others nor have a scoobie on how to create it myself, so thought it best to just hop and skip this part as quickly as possible.

To me poetry is a very precise yet artistic way of expressing thoughts and feelings in less time than it would take me to pour it out on page after page.  It can be subtle or harsh, funny or sad but I think unlike other creative works, poetry take more time to appreciate.  I need to be able to understand what each word means in the context it has been written and very often I find understanding the context very difficult.

Today’s challenge was to wrote a poem using the words: blue, mistrust, half, twang

(if you are going to comment on my attempt, below – please be nice 😉 )

On my walk which was most daily, I found a rather cool looking ukulele.  I picked it up, pushing away a paper cup and wondered who’s it might be?

My mistrust in this robust instrument made me look around and glare, at every person walking past wondering what I was doing sat on that pavement I call a chair.

I strummed the strings, and stroked the neck, it gave a twang and the music came out all wrong.  Still I liked the sound and played it on until from a half open window above, some staff shouted me to naff off.

The ukulele, felt light in my hands and was as blue as my next door neighbours river canoe.  Just, as I was merrily pinging and dinging the stings a young lad pulled on my trousers and shouted – Oi, you scaly, what are you doing with my ukulele!


Join in the challenge

Okay, that’s my utter dreadfulness called poetry but I wanted to have a go.  This challenge has made me realise I really need to spend more time reading poetry and getting to understand it better.

I am more than sure anyone else could do much better than my attempt, with or without the rhyming words!

If you want to join in add a poem to your blog (and link to this page), or add it in the comments below – especially, if like me, you’ve never written poetry before please share.

Or, if there is a poem, written by another, you’d like to share then please do so. You never know we might just start a poetry explosion!


Cover photo courtesy of Cesar Viteri Ramirez


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