A Jack Russells’ New Year Resolutions


I look at my little JRT, Mouse and I reckon she’d make much better New Year resolutions than me.  There is a lot dogs can teach us on a daily basis.

Dogs are just so full of life aren’t they?  They either approach every situation that appears to them as either a huge exciting party or with much caution as to take everything on board without missing a thing.

And while I know Mouse can’t tell me what her 2014 resolutions may be, I thought I could at least make a list of all the things she (and all dogs) are great at, which I could certainly take on board in my own life going forward in 2014.

  1. Run faster, and faster and faster
  2. Wake up every day just as excited as I was before I went to sleep
  3. To love without conditions
  4. To protect without fear
  5. Play with my toys every day
  6. Go to work (practicing tricks, learning new skills)
  7. Welcome each day like it’s there to be totally enjoyed
  8. Help a human where I can (looking cute, being petted, being part of the gang)
  9. Loving my pack
  10. Be as determined to achieve something every day without fail
  11. Be prepared for an adventure every single day
  12. Bounce, jump, bound and leap at every opportunity
  13. Listen carefully to everything  and communicate in voice only when absolutely necessary
  14. Get plenty of rest, tomorrow is another exciting day


Happy New Year!


6 responses to “A Jack Russells’ New Year Resolutions

  1. When I go for a run I often think about how dogs love to run just because they think running is awesome. I try to use that to keep me going. Weird, but it works 🙂

    • Not weird at all, I like that idea! And why not, if it works. When I see dogs run they are (usually) so happy about it, especially if chasing after a ball – so why can’t we be more like that?

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