A Video On: “Growing Enough Food to Feed a Family – How Much Do You Need to Plant?”

Found this really interesting video on spacing crops, so thought Id share it.

It’s a question I always find myself asking – how much space is enough?  Of course the answer is there is never enough!

The real challenge in the pursuit of crop cultivation is to make your space as productive as possible, using every available space while at the same time ensuring pests and diseases are kept to a minimum.  That includes everything from a balcony to a green house, to pots to an allotment.


Cover photo courtesy of Robert


5 responses to “A Video On: “Growing Enough Food to Feed a Family – How Much Do You Need to Plant?”

  1. It is always feast or famine for us. The runner beans come just as we are setting off on holiday or the slugs get to a whole row of lettuces before we do.
    I think it is worth considering keeping and standing qualities before estimating. For example potatoes keep, so a glut isn’t such a worry. Leaf crops will stand for a few weeks and don’t have to be harvested all at once. But crops like peas or asparagus doesn’t keep very well, so I’d tend to err on the smaller side. Of course freezing and preserving can extend pretty well any crop, but I for one prefer (mainly) fresh.

    • I know what you mean, it can be very hit and miss can’t it. I am just the same.
      Intercropping is a great help for plants that take ages to develop, and I’ve also realised (last yr) that perhaps cabbages aren’t worth growing just for caterpillars so will grow something different this yr to make sure the garden is always working!

    • Don’t feel despondent!
      Any space that is being used to cultivate veggies and fruit is worth it’s weight in gold.
      Very few people can afford that amount of land. What’s important is that people grow “something”.
      That way we all learn about the importance of how food is grown and it’s grown without pesticides.
      You’re doing a great job 🙂

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