Spring is Nearly Here – Day 1

I’ve noticed in my garden, and out and about, that spring is so close now.  Everything is beginning to shake off the last of the cold, dark, grey weather from it’s back and make way for a sparkling new growing year.

To celebrate I thought I’d do a photography study of all the plants that are showing signs of new life, colour and, in some cases, flowers.  While out taking the photo’s I noticed even the birds are sounding chirpy!

Today, and for the next four days, I’ll post my best photo’s just to show you that’s it’s time to celebrate!

Day 1 – Solo Snowdrop



4 responses to “Spring is Nearly Here – Day 1

  1. Here, the hellebores are blooming (late this year because of cold) and the pansies have rallied. The first daffodils are popping and the hyacinth buds are up. Two weeks ago they were covered with ice and snow. None so lush as your snowdrop though — many are a little brown at the edges after the freeze.

    • I’m pleased it’s not just me who has late flowering hellebores. I planted two new plants back in Sept and only now are they beginning to flower.
      I love seeing the bulbs growing. That particular snowdrop is in a sheltered position hence it’s lush look! 🙂

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