Back on the Inspiration Path

I’ve found myself drifting these last couple of weeks, from my habits and working much less towards my goals, by doing a lot more sitting and watching TV.

Straying from my goals

I had discovered an on-line TV series that was just like Glee (did I ever tell you I was the biggest fan of Glee until they split the cast up and I was never quite sure what the characters were doing or where the filming was).

Is it just me that gets suddenly and completely enamoured by a programme?

Anyway, this wasn’t Glee, this was a German version-esk of Glee, called Hand aufs Herz and it has the most soulful characters I’ve ever met.  So soulful in fact that when the show got cancelled after just 1 year (because it’s not glamorous like Glee), the die-hard fans went on to ensure the series lived forever through hours of editing and meaningful put together clips, some with music, on various websites, blogs and tumblr pages.

There is literally loads of the stuff!

I kinda really fell hard for the programme and ended up spending most nights watching an episode or another clip of Jenny and Emma kissing with back ground music from Audiomachine (whom I’d never heard of but now sits firmly in my favourite music list).

The story lines were okay but the chemistry between most of the characters was to die for (Especially the Emma/Jenny relationship).  At one point I was seriously thinking I should learn German as some of the German to English translation can be slightly dubious, just so I didn’t miss anything!

The programme led me back into my love of music and song(ing) which meant I then spent even more of my evenings trawling through through loads of albums and artists (Including the cast of Hand aufs Herz), in Spotify just to get the whole damn thing out of my system (yeah, there was also a lot of dancing going on as well which is exercise so I make absolutely no apologies for that).

I think I’ve worn myself almost tired of the programme (and nearly the cast) now but only because I’ve realised that by sitting down most evenings and having my headphones on I’ve suddenly disengaged myself from real life which is rather bad.

Even worse I’m not working on my own goals – I’m watching a ton of other people’s goals.  Bad, bad, bad (TV).

I mean I can deal with the fact I get slightly obsessed with story lines and fictional characters and that’s okay because that’s just who I am and I’m enjoying myself – even if I really should know better.   But what really isn’t okay is the fact that it’s taking me away from my own goals by stealing time that I’m not going to ever get back.

Instead of watching other people act, I should get myself on a stage.  Instead of listening to others singing I should just get myself booked onto some singing lessons, and instead of watching the actors I should go and meet them to see what I can do for them, and not the other way around.  Okay last one is possibly extreme but you get the idea (although in a slightly geeky way it would still be cool).

No excuses

Fortunately a little aid (a kick up the backside) came to my rescue twice this week which has helped ensure I don’t waste any more time and get straight back into my Life Ticket.

One was a blog I came across quite by chance called My 30 Days Year which is all about Adele, who is planning and doing something completely new, and out of her normal comfort zones, every month of this year.  Suddenly I realised there were people out there really tasting life.  Here I am with my Life Ticket and I haven’t managed to tick anything off it since January – January for goodness sake!

The second eye opening came as a recommendation from the blog above to another website that started as a blog called Scare Yourself Every Day.

The title pretty much sums up what the author took on and blogged for an entire year.

It’s finished now but the stuff the guy went through was something else.  It made me realise that life is not for sitting still, pushing those limits are there for making you the person you can ultimately become.

The person I can ultimately become may not be the best singer or dancer but I will also not be the sofa surfing dreamer either.

This weekend is time to cross off another Life Ticket adventure.

What will you be up to this weekend?


Cover photo courtesy of missmac



2 responses to “Back on the Inspiration Path

  1. I can completely understand what you have written here! I get like that with stuff too. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with your Life Ticket….off to read some of those links now for a kick up my own backside!

    • Thank you! I am not the only, thank goodness lol!
      It always surprises me how quickly I can form really bad habits (that I enjoy). So it’s always good to get a sharp pull from people that are doing some really great stuff out there, both personally and for others.

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