Tree Following 2014 – April

It’s month two already of the Tree challenge as started and given detail on the Loose and Leafy blog.

My tree, the eucalyptus gunii is rather the same as it was last month.

One of the (perhaps) downsides of having an evergreen in the garden is that unlike a deciduous tree that would be bursting into life about this time of year my good old Euc (as I like to call it) is always full of life, year round.

There is still the slight issue of the leaves having dark, raised, bumps on some of the leaves but if it is disease borne it certainly is taking it’s time to do any spreading.  In previous years the leaf drop tends to happens most heavily in the months of May and June so there is still time yet for the worse of the disease to take effect.  I’ve had a good look over the tree and most leaves look okay but some are sadly not.

Since last month I’ve taken a few more photo’s of the tree (strike a pose), checked to see if I can hear water being drawn up the trunk – to no avail, and paid more attention to the growth aspects of the tree.

Most noticeable these are found in the leaf stems at the moment.  New leaves are being produced, at right angles away from the stem, in what appears to be in waxy clumps which then fold out into the final leaf shapes, called petiolated leaves, although unlike the juvenile foliage they won’t be hearty shape, they will be the large, adult phase, of the tree’s development.




7 responses to “Tree Following 2014 – April

  1. I thought I’d Google things like ‘bumps on eucalyptus leaves’ and decided it’s surprising any eucalyptus leaves are ever bump-less.

    • Although Euc’s aren’t native to England, there must be at least 5 I can count on my way to work. That’s just 3 miles. They are pretty popular over here due to the speed in which they grow. If I crush any of the leaves or stand near to the branches on a very warm summer’s day I can indeed smell the oil coming from the leaves. It’s rather strong and not one of my favourite smells unfortunately.

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