Out and About with Nature – May 14

May is officially my favourite month…

I’ve not written any nature posts lately due to being so busy in other areas of life but that’s not to say I haven’t been out and about tracking and observing some rather nice plants, trees birds, weather and anything else nature related.  So much to see as everything is just bursting into life.  The recent rains have given hedges, tree leaves and other greenery a wonderful fresh, deep rich colour.

Grabbing my camera I’ve shot from the hip if and when I’ve had the chance.

Having noted such things in May like:

  • The swallows came back – saw my first one walking to work one early morning
  • Mushrooms, which I can’t ID at the mo, are popping up earlier than I’d expected
  • The weather has been a complete mix this month between heavy showers and low night temperatures to scorching days and humid nights!
  • I manage to spot my first fish since I started tracking my nature walks while down in Southend, in a park lake of all places!
  • The long day lengths are giving me tons more energy and while I may not always sleep like a log I do feel this time of year is a real boost to my systems.
  • The rapeseed fields in Lincolnshire are about the best I’ve ever seen, and I saw a load of them on my travels this month.  I wanted to try and capture the colour and brightness but it’s quite impossible with just a phone camera.  They must look stunning from the sky.
  • Occasionally birds are still feeding from the feeders and table but only intermittently.
  • I’ve not seen the squirrel for quite a few weeks now.
  • Lincolnshire has some of the best and widest blue skies in the UK (but then I am biased).  Just to see so far in every direction is, in a strange way (perhaps), quite liberating for the soul.

Below are my photographic records for May.  They include coastal, park and farmland areas.

Click any photo to enlarge

 Are you enjoying the month of May?  Have you managed to spot any good wildlife on your travels?


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