Chilli-tastic – May

Since my last update I’ve managed to reduce my excess chilli plants down from 37 to 13.  The boss in fact managed to sell 24 for me without any hesitation.  It would seem the plants are far more popular than I imagined!

All but 1 of the 13 have been potted up into 1ltr pots each.  The only one left is my heritage plant, Mushroom Yellow is growing slightly slower than the rest but that’s okay I’m hoping it will be worth the wait.

The plants are now sat outside, after having been acclimatised, in the walk-in grow-house.  I have bought a a rather nifty mini grow-house which I have yet to put together but will be sat on the patio ready to give the chilli plants as much heat and light as possible.

I’ve experimented with various different growing structures over the years and while a poly tunnel would be the most ideal setting for the plants it’s just not possible to fit one in where it could get the best weather.

Instead I’ll have to settle for quality plants over quantity and see if it makes a difference.

Obviously the more plants the more chillies but that’s not to say 1 plant on it’s own doesn’t produce loads of pods.  I’ve realised it’s all to do with the variety of plant, where it sits, what it sits in and what you feed it.  I think Seaspring seeds more than proved this was the case last year when they picked over 2,000 chillies from one plant

By the end of this month the plants will be potted up into their final 10 litre pots and will start to be feed.  That’s if I can keep the slugs and greenfly away long enough.

Let the pest battles commence!

Chilli photo’s

How are your chilli plants doing?  Has anything happened to them you weren’t expecting or is it all growing to plan?


15 responses to “Chilli-tastic – May

  1. I could do with some help from your boss… still too many chilli plants, but I can’t bear to throw them away. Your plants look good and healthy. What do you plan to feed them with?

    • No, I hate throwing plants away. I give as many as I can away and the rest that are sold give me the funds to grow more the following year 🙂 Last year I fed the plants on a complete seaweed feed. It was pretty successful but to be honest I’m just going to go with ordinary tomato feed this year, as it’s much cheaper to buy, and I’ve not had any problems using it in other growing years.

  2. Mine are doing ok. Not quite such a lush green as yours, but setting fruit. We’ll start harvesting bells, poblanos, and jalapenos in another week maybe. Yours look so happy!

    • Sounds like that good Texan weather means you’re well ahead of us over here in the UK. I think by the time they set fruit all the energy is being put to the chillies rather than the leaves but it’s nothing to worry about. 🙂

      • Indeed! The peppers (and everything other than sweet potatoes and okra, really) kick the bucket by the end of July, so a head start is the only way to get any 🙂

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  4. I’ve got far too many chilli plants but not prepared to get rid of any – they are mainly looking very healthy, have only lost a couple. I’ve been lucky enough to get a 2nd hand greenhouse this year so I’ve got more room for them 🙂

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