Chilli-tastic – June

Just thought I’d better give a quick chilli update as it seems ages ago (what only a month has passed?), since I shared some chilli photo’s.

The plants all seems to be doing pretty well.

I’ve got flowers and I’ve got what appears to be the first chilli pods developing on a couple of the plants.  I feel a lot happier than I did this time last year when I created a haphazard outdoor chilli staging house and the constant temperature highs and plummets caused a lot of flower drop.

This year I’ve got a bit more organised.  I went out and bought a plastic cloche house (from Pound-stretcher – where else) which is as wide as it’s tall – about 1m x 1m.  This has enabled me to put 11 plants under the structure, on the patio and the two others in the walk-in grow house.  11 Plants all sat on a hot sunny patio is an absolute joy and the plants seem to be agreeing.  Obviously if they get taller than the housing then I’ll have to start moving them down to the walk-in grow house but at least they will all get a good head start on the patio.

Because it’s a proper (albeit plastic) structure it has also meant I’ve been able to keep temperatures more constant because of the opening doors.  Plus the structure allows all the plants to get equal amounts of light (unlike last yr). So all good so far.

No greenfly but I think it’s only a matter of time because as I well know there are aphids about (don’t talk to me about cherry trees!).  Fortunately the structure also allows for air to circulate better and I can get to all the plants for inspections.

Due to me only having potted up most plants in the last month I haven’t started feeding any yet but this will start to take place in the next week, especially as a fair few of the plants are flowering.  I’ve bought seaweed feed again for 2014. It’s not specifically chilli feed but I used seaweed liquid feed last year and it was pretty successful as an all round nutrient.

I’ve also gone and invested in a big bag of British wool pellets.  I managed to get them at a good price and I have to say so far, although they made the garden smell like a field of sheep (Luckily I happen to like sheep!) before I watered them in, they are keeping the slimy critters away.

The pellets are actually very ingenious and I’m really pleased to have bought them as they are so environmentally friendly.

Attractive flowers

I know chilli flowers aren’t the biggest blooms in the world but I have to say they always stun me with their beauty.  So much fine detail in such a small space.  So I keep having to take photo’s of the flowers because they are so pretty.

Anyway enough of my fluffyness, here are my chilli plants in June:

Let me know how you’re getting on with your chilli plants and please share any photo’s you have.


6 responses to “Chilli-tastic – June

  1. If you’re a fan of chili blossoms you should check out Czechoslovakian Black Peppers. They have a rich purple and white flower that’s quite stunning.

      • I’m not one for spicy but my husband loves them. He says they’re like a mild jalapeno and uses them in cooking when he wants less heat.

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