Writing, the Power of Fanfiction


Yes well that is precisely the noise in my head right now, a cross between frustration, excitement and mental air punches.

I’ve read and read and read so much good fan fiction I think I might actually implode if I don’t get some of the thoughts that are running through my mind onto a page.

Jemma is the coupled name of two characters on an original story from a German TV series called Hand Aufs Herz.

It’s follows a very loving and at times turbulent relationship of two young women, Emma and Jenny.  From the very short lived soap drama spun a huge fan base and a lot of fan fiction.  The fans and fanfic writers are the most dedicated, creative (even organised), friendliest bunch you’ll ever come across.


I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that has actually ever inspired me to write.

I have been inspired, on many an occasion following a good film, but it’s not so much the story that is inspiring because unlike a one off film this time it’s the same story being written over and over again by different authors.

It’s the words, the sentences formed and the paragraphs being written that are inspiring.  The authors tone of voice, their ability to turn the same story into different shapes and make the characters do all sorts of different tricks that call me to ask, could I do that?

Of course it’s not unusual to extrapolate characters from films or novels.  That’s why there over are a million fan fiction stories online having been written by people who don’t just consume the story line they’ve just read or seen, but work with it and push it on wards in alternative universes or time periods, all in their own voices.

But then suddenly the original concept evolves into new translations and out of no-where a new story (with the same characters) is created in such a way that I’m finding it’s either better than the original or it creates even more new ideas for stories yet untold.

So then I ask myself is a story the characters or is the story just the story?  I’m totally confused and I know this shouldn’t bug me but it does.  I’m now so engrossed in this fan fiction that I’m in awe of the authors.

The writing is that good it’s blowing my creative mind.

I keep thinking to myself why are these words and conversations written not turned into film?  These characters need to become live (again).  They need to be seen and not just read.

Obviously, they can’t be the same actors (As much as we loved those actors they have moved on and it wouldn’t be the same), but the characteristics of the original characters (or were the characteristics given through the actors? Confusion again) need to be played out, for real, in front of camera’s with lighting and music and more importantly voice using these amazing stories.

I don’t understand why this isn’t happening?  There is a sh*t-load of creative talent not being used and I don’t understand why?

A web series would be an excellent platform to produce this because not only is web film/series some of the best entertainment I’ve seen it’s also a lot more cost effective and easier to market to a specific audience, of which this would be.

All day long and most of the night I’m now so engrossed by this fan-fiction, that I find my mind rolling between utter reading pleasure and sheer agony that it’s not being used.  I wish I truly had the power to be able to bring these characters and more importantly these scenes and stories alive.

Unfortunately it’s a (very) long time since I finished my Media Production degree and am about as far removed from the media as you can get so the stories will have to be appreciated in the only way I know – by reading first off, contributing, where I can, and finally by telling everyone I ever meet just how good this work is which is actually why I’m writing this post today.

I thought it rather unfair to keep all this to myself any longer.

Jemma Fanfic

So without further a do I hand over to Jemma Fanfic.

Grab yourself a cup of tea, sit in a comfy chair and get your eyes wrapped round some of the most beautiful heartwarming stories you’ll ever read:

Get yourself over to the official Jemma Fanfiction homepage and delight in tales from all over the world.

There is also a Facebook page where you can catch up with the writers who have been exceptionally welcoming and are always interested to hear the readers views.

Looking forward, looking back

As for me I’m still working my way through the stories, savouring every one to make them last as long as possible.

My views are firmly established in fan fiction.  I was merrily working my way through the top 1,000 Guardian book list but this has since been put on hold as my interest and enthusiasm reading a different kind of writing has taken over.

It’s very much a digital kind of reading.  I’m in no doubt that I would not have paid the slightest interest in reading fan fiction if it hadn’t have been for our household finally purchasing a tablet.  I’d been anti-tablet and anti-electronic books for a long time and in fact I would still have a paddy having to read any novel electronically, but this writing hasn’t been published and the only way to be able to read it is online.

However by finally changing how I access the web I’ve now not only discovered a whole new reading world but made some new friends along the way.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

PS – if you know of anyone that’s good with a film camera – let me know 😉


Cover photo courtesy of Graham Holliday


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