Chilli-tastic – July

A little chilli update for the month of July:

All plants are doing really well.  When I say that I mean they are still growing, producing a lot of flowers and a fair few pods as well. In fact other than watering and keeping an eye on them they are pretty much left to their own devices at the moment.

I think the chilli house is working well for the plants even though a few of them are now too tall for the structure and have had to be taken out.

The plants in the grow-house are also doing well.  Varieties such as the cayenne and Aji crystal are showing many pods at the moment.

Feeding is done once a week and they seem to be enjoying the seaweed feed.

My one big pest this year is coming from ants.  Every time I pick a post up to water from the chilli house there is a ant’s nest bubbling away underneath.  I keep dousing the area in vinegar in the hopes it keeps the ants at bay but at the minute it only seems to be moving them elsewhere around the garden/patio area.

Apart from that I’ll let the photo’s show you the rest!

Let me know how you’re getting on with your chilli plants and please share any photo’s you have.


6 responses to “Chilli-tastic – July

  1. First, your chillies look truly wonderful 🙂

    As for mine, only just got the cayenne peppers going, so it will be interesting to see if the seeds I saved from fruit I was given will produce anything. Still, over the last two years I’ve had chillies at Christmas, so there is plenty of time yet.

  2. Your chillis are looking pretty good 🙂

    My chillis are looking pretty good too and all, except the Patio Chillis, are now fruiting including the Ohnivec chillis which allegedly grow to a foot long 😮

    The Patio Chillis are starting to flower though and I am really excited about this, as these and the Cayennes (which already have chillis growing on them) are all from saved seed 🙂

  3. These look lovely! Ive not had much luck with Chilli’s at my place, its a bit chilly for them, but my daughter is having better luck in her more temperate climate and hot balcony! Happy growing!

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