Colour In Nature

It’s been nothing but grey all week in Grimsby. Damp, grey, soggy, depressing, chilly….grey, grey, grey.  If the month of November could be typically any more autumn-esk in it’s display then I don’t want to see it because it’s damn depressing.

It’s pretty much all I can do to wake up and move in the mornings for knowing that once the curtains are opened I’m just going to be confronted with more bloody grey skies, all day long.

To make matters worse I caught Norovirus when I did go out over the weekend, and that made me even more unhappy. So yeah I’m pretty much down in the dumps at the moment.  If I was a bear I’d be in a cave by now.  In fact bear with a sore head sums me up really. 

However when I took Mouse out for a walk this morning, and huddled in my coat in a vain attempt to ignore everything around me I slipped and nearly fell over…on some leaves.  Checking around to make sure no-one had seen my ‘clown display’ before secretly cursing the pavement of strewn foliage around me, I happened to look more closely at the leaves and was actually amazed at the plethora of colour that was right in front of me.  It was like standing on a yellow carpet, speckled with reds, browns and greens.  All around me was blanketed with colour and I’d not even noticed before.

So I started really paying attention, not just at the leaves, but actively looking to find colour in nature as I walked along (careful not to slip this time).

It’s a lot easier to see pretty things when the sun is shinning.  When the sky is so low, packed dense with cloud above your head it brings an almost oppressive feel to your environment.  Or so I thought…

During my walk I managed to find more colour than I thought possible.  Red berries, green holly, variegated yellow/white ivy.  Nature was beautiful and inspiring and it was right in front of me all along  Suddenly I started to feel much better.

There is a lot of change going on in nature right now and I’d forgotten.  Colour is just one of the ways of spotting and appreciating it and enjoy it I did.

Let me know what you think.

And don’t be like me and try and ignore the weather…actively embrace it because it’s all part of nature doing what it does best – creating seasons.


4 responses to “Colour In Nature

  1. You’re right: there is plenty of colour there, even in November, but you just have to look a little more closely. Hope you recover from the Norovirus pretty soon!

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