The Super Simple Guide to Cultivating Ebook, Free

Today I launch a personal project of mine that I’ve been working on for the past few months, that goes hand in hand with the Forget-me-Not Cultivation blog –

The Super Simple Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs

I wanted to write an all round gardening guide to detail how easy it really is to grow your own veggies, with a permanent message that you don’t need a huge garden to grow crops.

A 77 page eBook that will hopefully inspire you to get your gardening gloves on, sow some seeds and have some fun doing so.

It’s completely free, just click on the link and away you go.

The thing with growing your own crops is that in the world we live in it’s vital more than ever to know where our food is coming from.

It’s also crucial we feed our bodies with food that not only tastes great but helps keep us healthy and strong.

Growing crops helps us in understanding our food systems and teaches us that we can indeed fresh vegetables without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Sharing is Caring

I really hope you like the guide.  If you do I’d be very happy if you could share the post (using the sharing buttons below), because I want as many people as possible to get hold of this free guide so that they too can start to grow their own vegetables, fruit and herbs.

Can you help me out?

This is the first book I have ever completed, electronic or otherwise, and so I’d really appreciate your feedback.  Just hit the comment box below, or drop me a quick email letting me know what you thought.

Good, bad, indifferent – it doesn’t have to be detailed but I would just like to know if I’ve got the idea right, that it reads okay and that you enjoyed scrolling the pages.

Thank you very much, it means a lot.


6 responses to “The Super Simple Guide to Cultivating Ebook, Free

  1. I’ve just had a quick scan through but thought this was really good. I used to grow scarlet runners in the UK, but here in Spain I grow broad beans (aguadulce) and get a good crop with minimum effort. If you do an up-dated version I’d recommend adding them. Plus I always like to have salad leaves, of some type, and spinach beet/swiss chard. Another easy grow is nasturtiums, not only colourful, but totally edible.

    Have you tried eating young garlic before it matures? I think that’s worth a mention. Not something I knew about before I came to Spain.

    I’ll try and remember to give this a mention on my next gardeny post, although many of my readers grow veg already. Still, we can all usually learn something new 🙂

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  3. Dearest Sophie – I hope you don’t mind that I nestled in my thoughts on your Great Accomplishment of Published Work amidst a a ‘more tangents than anyone bargained for” post – Your work is appreciated – I privately emailed my feed back and have now publicly displayed a link to it, even though, I may not have done so in most effective-benefit-to-you manner –
    🙂 Still, grateful you are who you are and that we found each other here –

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