Happy Earth Day

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. – Albert Einstein

Today is Earth Day, or International Mother Earth Day (by the General UN Assembly).

It’s a day, like many other observance days, to give thanks and recognition but today it is to appreciate and enjoy the very planet we live on.  The tall mountains, the wide rivers, the wild animals and the soil itself.

I’ve heard of Earth Day before but from what I can gather it seems to be a much bigger deal in the USA rather than Europe and indeed I couldn’t find anything happening in the UK (point me in the right direction though if I’m wrong).

Still, that doesn’t stop the Forget-me-Not blog appreciating the day.  After all I love all things green and I’m most certainly a big advocate to help save our planet.

So my pledge for Earth Day, because you can’t have a day like this without pledging something, is to sow my tree seeds.

I bought a pack of Acer Henryi seeds because I’ve always had a desire to plant loads of trees, all over, everywhere I go.  Because lets be honest, you can never have too many trees and as long as they are planted in the right place (*cough* drains, foundations and overhead wires *cough*), then no-one should be held back planting as many as they can.

I’ll sow them and nurture them for a few years and then I shall either plant them somewhere myself or hand them over to a local group/organisation that can plant them.  Either way I’ll make sure they get planted.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. – Chinese Proverb

This proverb used to get to me when I was younger, I figured I was already 20 years too late for planting any trees so why bother starting?  But as I’ve grown older I understand the quote much better now.

The tree isn’t about me, it’s about just planting the tree so others may enjoy it.  Tree’s take a long time to grow for a reason and it’s the sowing and growing that is just as important as making sure that tree stands for the next generation.

Wherever you are today on planet Earth, and whatever you may be doing for Earth Day, I wish you a fantastic time.  Feel proud you are part of a very big community that love trees, water, nature and working to make sure out planet keeps turning for another ten millennium.


4 responses to “Happy Earth Day

  1. Happy Earth Day to you — and thanks for the reminder that it really is the ultimate Mother’s Day. Here in the US there are always good recycling and shredding events timed to Earth Day, also in the stores there are sales on eco-friendly products and organic foods. – Sandy

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