Dealing with Garden Pests

In June I published some posts about how to deal with the three most frequent pest problems in the UK (although I’m sure most of Northern Europe and North America might agree too), which I hope you liked:

  1. Aphids
  2. Slugs/Snails
  3. Caterpillars

However there is nothing like gaining the advantage over these pests by having as much support as you can to try and rid your cultivation space of them when they start to attack.

So I think this video I’m about to share below will come in pretty handy.  Not only does it detail visually how to deter and deal with the above pests but it discusses a new International research project called The Big Bug Hunt which aims to get as many gardeners and cultivators submitting (via an online app) the pests they see in their own garden.  By collecting data it’s much easier to spot trends and potential new strikes.

And of course, the earlier you can be warned about a potential pest invasion the better you can protect your crops.

Hope it’s useful.

Have a great weekend outside 🙂

The Big Bug Hunt: How to Prevent Common Garden Pests Damaging Your Crops

By GrowVeg.


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