Life Ticket

 I challenge you to make your life the masterpiece you want to paint, the novel you want to read, the day you want to wake to ― Toni Sorenson

I’ve spent some time discovering all sorts of personal development/health lifestyle websites.  A few of them have been really helpful, others not so but one thing that has always interested me is this idea of having a list of ideas and plans of things you really want to achieve in life and ticking those things off one by one by one…

Because lets be honest life is too short and there are loads of places to see, people to meet and projects to try out.

You can find loads of lists on the web, just search on ‘bucket-list’ or  ‘list challenge’ or 1001 things’ but one guy that really stuck a chord was Joel Runyon.  I’ll save you the details – much better to go and view his site. Its pretty impressive though and I thought, hell I’m not into the whole sky diving, Everest climbing feats but I have a few big deals I’d like to work on, in my life and I do like lists!

There is one main point about my Life Ticket

It’s not just a tick list.

It’s not an inventory of things I feel I have to see and do.  It’s a ticket that will make me a better person.  One that will give me new skills, meet new people and lead me towards a richer life.  It will also hopefully go towards making the world a better place too as it’s as much about me giving as it is just taking from the world.

A life list, such as the one below, is deliberately on the high end of challenging and it should never have a time frame (unless the goal is made completely time specific).

It also means there is no pressure to complete the list, right?  


I don’t like pressure but I don’t want to stand still so that is what this ticket list is for.  To keep pushing me forward, leading me to all sorts of new people, new ideas and new places while achieving specific goals.

Above all the final rule of my list is – it has to be fun.  My list is made up of things I’m passionate about doing (or helping other to do), or want to have a go at trying out.  In other words to stop me wondering ‘what if?’

Planet Saving:

Experiencing Fitness:

Getting to know the World – Travel:

  • Visit every type of (known) habitat in the world
  • Go to New York City (Completed 16th to 26th January 2014)
  • Live in the USA for 3 months
  • Visit the Amazon rain-forest
  • Pick Ceylon tea leaves in Sri Lanka (my favourite tea), and see how it’s grown.
  • Travel to all 48 English counties using only public transport/feet (currently 19 completed)
  • Flick through an atlas with my eyes closed – which ever country my finger lands on I have to visit within 10 days for at least 12 hours.
  • Live in Germany for 3 months
  • Live in Greece for 3 months

Zen Life:

Exciting Challenges:

  • Walk the C2C (Coast to Coast)
  • Climb the highest fell in the Lakes (Scafell Pike)
  • Go hurricane chasing in tornado alley, USA
  • Go on an African safari and camp out
  • Complete in a chilli eating competition
  • Go and visit a live volcano
  • Complete the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge
  • Walk the Viking Way (solo)

Must See Events:

Renaissance Woman:

  • Finish a novel for NaNoWriMo (Completed 30th November 2012)
  • Write a screenplay from a favourite novel
  • Learn to sing well enough to sing a solo song
  • Become fluent in two languages (German, and BSL)
  • Learn to play the piano/keyboard well enough to play Comptine d’un autre ete by Yann Tiersen
  • Act in a movie
  • Read 500 novels (Completed May 2015)
  • Read a 1000 novels
  • Be part of a web series, in front or behind camera
  • Complete 30 different writing challenges in 30 days
  • Learn to play a strategic game
  • Create a video for You Tube
  • Complete a fanfic novel (Finished 30th November 2014)
  • Help teach my JRT Mouse to complete an agility course


So that’s the list, my incredible – achievable –  list.

Its not numbered because I’ll keep adding and changing it as I develop (it’s already at version 2 as at Aug 14).

It’s my life ticket and now it’s out there in the public domain, so I better go and get some of these things done and ticked off.

Wanna come and help me with any of this?   If you can then please get in touch.

If anyone is doing anything similar, get in touch – we can share woes, frustrations and most importantly achievements!

36 responses to “Life Ticket

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      • I can only claim success in the areas of cherry tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers and pumpkins… My challenge seems to lie in constructing the actual vegetable bed – I honestly cannot feel my arms from hammering so much yesterday and the ratio of the number of times the hammer actually hit the nail is, um, well let’s just say I won’t be getting my own home improvement show any time soon! 😛

      • Oh yes, I know that feeling all too well! Pleased to hear you have them built – they’ll last for yrs! My last raised bed which was really no better than pallet wood lasted five years untreated! It’s filling them up with compost that’s taking me ages with my new beds!

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  3. Gasp! I think you’ve inspired me… Too often, I think of my “bucket list” as places I want to travel to/see/experience. Lately, I’ve been realizing that this scope is much too narrow. Perhaps I’ll have to create list – writing it down seems like a good way to hold oneself accountable!

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  6. I completed 101 goals in 1001 days and had the most amazing adventure doing it, good luck with your own life ticket. I love some of the goals on it. 🙂

    • Thanks Alex. If I told you it was your blog that actually started me on the road to mine you might not believe me but there it is! I had started on the 101 in 1001 days until I realised there are different types of goals in the world – some are small, others life changing, and then everything else in between. I needed to hit all three but without the 1001 day ‘pressure’ (for want of a better word). I’ve kind kept middle of the road with my life ticket.
      Thanks again for stopping by, I continue to read your blog with great relish 🙂

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  8. Hmm, now that’s got me thinking. I haven’t had a list but these last couple of years for me has been about exploring, and building a new direction. I’ve done some of the things I’ve always wanted to do but never took the time… We bought a couple of acres to live with the wildlife. And my latest is: I’ve bought a new camera and tripod… and a kayak. Will be amazing to see where they take me! Good luck with your life list, Sophie!

    • That must be wonderful to own 2 acres of land – my very dream!
      Thank you for stopping by, always lovely to get new readers.
      Sounds like you’re going to be busy with a new camera and a kayak! Shall look forward to hearing how you do 🙂

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  12. Wow, I love your bucket list. It puts me to shame! Thanks for following my blog, it is all very new to me but I am enjoying the writing and photography and just creating something and putting it out there. Your blog is very inspiring and I look forward to receiving new posts.

    • Thanks for coming and taking a look at my blog, nice to have a new reader.
      Pleased you like my Life Ticket although it’s always in constant change as I develop along the way.
      Blogging is great for writing and photography and will look forward to seeing your posts too 🙂

  13. Great list! And so lovely to see things being crossed off it. Inspiring! Did you ever come across the Scare Yourself Every Day blog? That was what got me fired up to try expand my horizons and blog about it. I read the whole thing in a very short space of time and loved it. He did a great job and it was so nice watching him grow over the course of a year.

    • What a great blog that is – no I hadn’t heard of it at all but so pleased you passed it on. I’m going to have a good read. Very inspirational. Stuff like that is definitely going to make a person develop and grow in such positive ways.

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  15. I love your lists, Sophie! Usually, I have just one, but you’re so organized 🙂 I think I’ll start crossing things off and “upping the ante” like you have. Good stuff!

    • Thank you Dawn and great to have a new visitor 🙂
      I’m not sure about the organising part – I tend to do a lot of tail catching most days.
      Of course you do realise, if you up the ante…then I’ll need to up the ante 😉

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