About This Blog

Doing something good every day

The Pledge of Good

This blog’s intentions to bring cultivation, nature, peace and fun into the any garden, what ever the size or shape.

I want to encourage everyone I meet, virtual or otherwise:

  • To understand how vital cultivation space can be for you, your family and wildlife
  • To enjoy and reap all the health benefits from cultivating space with wildlife in mind
  • To create cultivation space which enables children a richer environment for learning and play.
  • To help in creating beneficial new habitats for wildlife in and around cultivation space, such as ponds, hedges and living roofs on extensions, sheds and garages.
  • To spend more time outdoors than indoors, not just cultivating but walking, nature watching and to enjoy habitats near and far through activity.
  • To look at alternative and sustainable ways to live in areas such as cars, electricity, tourism and food.

I want to support people to adapt or create more cultivation spaces:

  • That are peaceful and productive places to enjoy throughout the year.
  • That contain wildlife habitats of all shapes and sizes.
  • That work towards creating cultivation areas that help protect our homes from flooding, and our cities from overheating.
  • That are easy enough to maintain whatever time you have available
  • That has an area for everything and everyone from children to cats.

I will work with everyone that reads this blog or contacts me, to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of cultivating space with wildlife in mind:

  • Actively promote growing your own food, for a healthier life and when this is not possible to suggest alternative buying options such as local, organic etc.
  • That any size of space available to you, from a window-sill to a orchard, patio to a field can be productive and encourage wildlife.
  • Advise what to grow and when, all year round.
  • To use substitutes for peat and for moss
  • Using materials from sustainably-managed sources on everything from decking to plant pots.
  • Advise techniques to enable any cultivation space to adapt to climate change, particularly drought
  • That only organic pest control is used in all cases of cultivation management.
  • Advise using less concrete, paving and decking; surfaces that support little or no wildlife, while suggesting alternatives
  • The cost savings generated by growing your own food
  • Alternative household cleaners which don’t contaminate the local water systems
  • Recycling waste and using composters

While this blog documents my continual development in all areas of cultivation, creative areas and personal development, the space in and around it is dedicated to all of the followers:

  1. It doesn’t matter how small a space you use for growing your own food, or what little time you have to work on it, what counts is that we just to have a go.
  2. You’re not alone, if you want to try doing something new the blog and it’s readers are here to support you.
  3. That fun and happiness are the only two ways to cultivate not only your space but also your life. If it’s not fun or giving us happiness along the way then we’re not going to do it.
  4. We’re up for trying new stuff, from growing the hottest chillies to ripping up the turf, from building a bee hive to counting elephants in Africa, it’s our lives and if it makes a positive impact then we’re going to try it. It might not always work but it’s always worth having a go.
  5. That any dream we might have, at any age, and in any place, is worth working towards, consistently and without any quick fixes. We never just sit on and idea though.  We always act on it taking one small step at a time to reach our goals.
  6. That sometimes things don’t always go the way we planned but that it doesn’t stop us, we know we’re moving forward and know what we’re doing is right.
  7. That to be seen as different is a strength and not a weakness. That just because you are ‘seen’ as different is great because the world is too big and too diverse to be anything but different.

We believe in each other. Doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re working on, if you like this blog and believe in this manifesto then I believe in you.  

5 responses to “About This Blog

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  2. what I think is that it all sounds holistically sound and good on you …to encourage people to take charge of their lives and include other beings along the way by providing habitat and allowing the wild to infiltrate is a great medicine. I live in a forest so it is habitat rich and wild is the state, still we encourage it ,aid and abet it every step of the way. the rewards I derive from this are immeasurable – to have a front row seat of the skinks basking on the verandah, a yellow robin pipping in to get a worm from under the garden fork , wallabies gathering at dusk around the house…. of course this means for us that the growing of food has had to take a back seat – the wild has become the dominant theme and we scrabble for the leftovers…after 30 years we do not mind…
    all the best for you and your journey…

  3. Dropped by after noting your visit. I liked your site very much and will follow. I’m recently retired and all my “birdies” have flown the nest so I’ve time to write, paint and grow things! Your site looks like a great treasure trove of helpful (and healthy) information, so will drop by from time to time to “dig around” a little..

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