How to Build an Insect Hotel

Following on from my post recently about getting your garden ready for winter, one of the areas I mentioned was around setting up an area (the more the merrier if you have space) for insects, especially pollinators and all those good bugs that keep away pests from your crops in summer, where they could be protected over winter.

Well, I happened to be mooching around YouTube the other day when I came across a rather useful video on making an insect (and bug) hotel from scratch, using only materials laid about your property that have been collecting dust and you don’t need.

The video is about 8 minutes in length but I promise you won’t be disappointed.  If (like me) you want to set up a proper place to house beetles, spiders, ladybirds, solitary bees (and wasps), and lacewings (to name but a few), over winter than I highly recommend this useful video.  It’s shows just how easy it can be to make a hotel, and explains all the materials used as the video goes along.

Just remember, your hotel can be as big or as little as you like.  The important things is just to have some place for insects and bugs to take shelter (or lay their eggs or larvae) ready for the following year when they’ll pay you back in boundless kindness by pollinating your crops and keeping those aphids down.

Once again, we’re saving the world :-)

Hope you like it.

Any other tips for bug hotels?  What materials do you use for your insect house?  Let us know.