Equal Marriage – She4Me

You know, I’m a big sucker for a good old romantic story and even better if it’s combined with a cause I feel strongly about.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this video the other day and thought it really needs sharing because it sends a strong message in a very beautiful and creative way.

It’s directed by Nicole Conn and stars Nicole Pacent (no, you won’t have the slightest clue who she is unless like me you have seen a web series called Anyone But Me).

Any who, this video tells the story of two girls, having been best friends since childhood and have presumably grown up together.

As you start to watch the video you presume Nicole is getting ready for her wedding so she and her best friend reminisce over their old childhood days.

It cuts to and fro, from childhood days to adulthood, and you see what you think is her boyfriend come into shot so you presume Nicole is about to get married to the guy.

Punchline is, she gets married to her best friend, and not the guy.

I think it stands out for two reasons, one is the strong music, written and performed by Jen Foster (this song has apparently been doing the scene for a long time, even though I’d never heard it before), and the second is it’s a show and show not show and tell story, which presents a stronger message if created correctly,  (can I also add a third for Gabrielle Christian wearing a tux?  No, completely unprofessional I’ll leave that one).

Finally, seeing as the Great British isles will be celebrating the first equal marriages in England on 29th March we, here in the England stand at a huge, historic moment of equality in this country.  While we celebrate though many other Countries in the world are not so lucky and cannot be forgotten (nor ignored).

The video, I thought, sends a very nice message to tell America to get it’s butt in gear and follow suit (tux, suit, yeah I’m still back there…), and not just in the odd State that it finds able to get the laws down on paper long enough for couples to get down an aisle (although preferably not Costco), before it whips the laws away again.

I mean the United States.

Enjoy 🙂

She4Me – Marriage Equality

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Cover photo courtesy of Purple Sherbet Photography


6 responses to “Equal Marriage – She4Me

  1. Nice one Sophie, although I SWEAR I will NEVER get married, let alone have a relationship, its good to know we all get equality at last! (Just in case)

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