Happy 2nd Birthday Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog

Last Saturday became the 2nd birthday of the Forget-me-Not Cultivation blog.  The first post being published on 24th October 2012.

Two years!  Can you believe that?

When I started the blog I had a rough idea of what I’d like to write and post about.  That being about the journey to self-sufficiency and my own personal developments as it took place.

Of course now it’s evolved into so much more than that.  I’ve covered jogging, photography, chilli growing….all sorts, but the biggest enjoyment I’ve had was when I’ve written posts that actually went in some way to help others.  If I can grow something in my garden and show you how nice and easy it is then it’s a real buzz when someone else tries it out for themselves and realises the same thing.

I’ve never learnt how to blog.  There is nothing to learn really.  I just kind of waffle on and you guys kindly read it.  I love the engagement it brings (both on and off the blogsphere) and along the way it’s increased my writing abilities that have then gone on to write outside of this blog.

So as you usually read my extracts I thought I’d do something different this week and listen to yours.

I’ve set up a survey.  It’s very short (possibly sweet), because I want to hear what you’ve got to say.  Let me know if the FMN Cultivation blog hits the right spots.

If I’m to ever encourage more people to grow their own fruit and veg, embrace some herbs or just learn to make compost then I’ve got to make sure the blog is good at supporting people to do that.  

You guys are my ultimate sounding boards.

In the two years I’ve been regularly writing one thing has remained constant – gardening.  So that’s here to stay but what am I missing?  Posts too long?  Shout it out.  Want to read about a plant or a pest in particular?  Shout it out.  I’m all ears.  I haven’t even started on the videos and pod casts yet.  

And if you hate it all, what the hell are you doing on my blog 😉

Survey Time

The survey takes three minutes tops to complete and all responses are, of course, always anonymous (as if you guys need telling that).


I am looking forward to hearing what my fabulous readers have to say.

Over to you and thank you very much for doing this 🙂


Blog stats

I thought you might be interested to know that this blog has achieved the following in the past two years:

  1. It’s had over 22,300 readers stop by
  2. 3,010 readers have stopped to sign up for the blog via email
  3. The best ever day for views was on 22nd July 2014 when I got over 250 views
  4. The most read post over the past two years has been my Life Ticket
  5. After the UK most readers have come from USA, Canada and Australia.  I’ve even had visitors from Fiji and Botswana.

PS – Have you been planting any flowering bulbs in this mild autumn we’re experiencing over here in the UK?  No?  Go on, get out there and plant some this weekend.  You’ll be pleased you did when the winter weather takes off.


8 responses to “Happy 2nd Birthday Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog

  1. Happy Birthday Forget-Me-Not Cultivation blog, you share a birthday with Agent Sophie you know! Great to see your blog going from strength to strength. We’ve done the survey, and look forward to your next updates! 🙂 Agents of Field

  2. Happy Birthday !!! I’ve answered the survey and, as I said, I’ve planted some bulbs this Autumn for the first time. I ‘am growing Strawberries and even if it may sound crazy they are trying to produce some small fruits. My aim is to plant something else. I am reading a lot about the argument so that I can learn something useful before the end of the Winter. 🙂

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